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javeria Wed 17 June 2015 05:48

Huajing 3kw aircooled spindles
Hi folks - so finally had to replace bearing on a couple of Huajing spindles - all these Asian spindles are advertised as " Adopt GERMAN BEARING " I got to know what these bearing were - these were SKF 6005 made in italy. what in it so - these are normal ball bearings and not supposed to be here first case. never the less they had put in a cool 2 year period before breakdown - thats some thing to be told about. Replaced them with NSK 7005 in front and the spindle is running fine again.

just wanted to inform.

digger Wed 17 June 2015 14:03

Javeria, good to know what is inside. Any photo of disassembly process?

javeria Thu 18 June 2015 06:07

Sorry no pictures - did not take any - maybe next time for sure.

Fox Thu 18 June 2015 14:18

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