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Dangle_kt Mon 15 May 2017 03:50

UK based build begins with a massive leg up
After posting on here about my build planning, I was contacted by a UK based member who had to sell up due to limited space - his build hadn't been used in a while and was in peices, it also wasn't exactly what I was after, being 10x5 rather than 8x4, it was a plasma cutter not a router and it was using motors/controllers I wasn't considering....

That said, the steel structure was all there, running v groove bearings, rack and pinion drives and all steel construction, the time saving was well worth the monetary costs of buying it as a going concern.

Jim arrived at mine on Sunday, and what a lovely fella he was.

We unloaded (man - those side rails are heavy!) and put it all in my garage for storage until I can move into my workshop rental next month.

I'll get some photos, but from the looks of it, I need new wiring, controller and maybe motors, new router specific z assembly, spindle, bed material, extraction and a load of paint to get it looking like new again...along with a set of mechmate decals of course!

All in all I am absolutely chuffed, and realise I am cheating massively!

What it means is that I can short cut the build, and focus on the bits I don't know how to do myself (as I can cut steel and weld reasonably well already so I wasn't really looking forward to those bits!) - so by doing the electronics myself I should be able to trouble shoot any issues that arise in use as I will have built/assembled all the bits that are likely to break.

I'm still not decided on stepper vs clearpath servos... if I'm honest, it's the cost of the clearpaths complete kit that is putting me off, and the build came with NEMAs fitted which I could use in a pinch to get me going, so at cheapest its power supply, controller, smooth stepper, wiring...

I'll get some photos up once I am moved into the new shop, if anyone wants me, I'll be at the physio getting my back sorted after pretending to be able to lift stuff yesterday ;)

jhiggins7 Mon 15 May 2017 05:12

Welcome. Sounds like a "win-win". Looking forward to seeing your progress.

lonestaral Tue 16 May 2017 00:59

I hope you don't get too many headaches to go with your backache.
Was that the frame from York ?

Dangle_kt Tue 16 May 2017 04:23

It was from Yorkshire, not sure exactly where as it was delivered. I was just kidding about getting a sore back, though I will be hiring/buying a engine hoist for putting it together

Dangle_kt Mon 17 July 2017 04:29

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Well I got round to assembly on the weekend. Firstly it's chuffin' massive!

secondly, I have lots more to do....

Wiring, Z axis assembly, spindle, motors/drivers, wiring, extraction, controller and lots of little jobs too

In terms of bits I am not sure about....Previous owner has removed the far motor and pinion off the X axis so it could lifted, but not included it so I need to fit out what pinion it is so I can get a duplicate - I have the one on the far side, so I am hoping they are pretty easy to measure up.

Also I am not sure why, but the Y carriage is floating, in that only 3 bearings are touching the rails, I can rock it so all 4 connect - is this normal? I assume the pinnion when tensioned pulls the carriage down square?

lonestaral Mon 17 July 2017 05:15

No Sir, the Y should not rock.
You need to adjust the wheels so all are in contact with the rails
and the carriage sits level.
It is not the pinion under tension to put it right.

The cross bracing looks a little small in section.

Dangle_kt Mon 17 July 2017 05:29

Thanks lonestaral, I'll take a look at that to get it sitting square.

In terms of the X axis - I'm not sure what stock it was made from - I bought it complete (in pieces)

lonestaral Mon 17 July 2017 05:31

The X is ok.
It was an optical illusion and my old eyes.
Check your cross bracing section, it looks a bit delicate.

Dangle_kt Mon 17 July 2017 05:37

I have 6 cross braces to still fit (they are on the floor). I hadn't brought enough nuts and bolts to the workshop...

carcan Sun 23 July 2017 00:23

Why the X beams are assembled "at the mirror"

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