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J.R. Hatcher Sun 09 November 2008 18:27

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Life needs to be convenient ;). This is why I made changes in the dust foot.
Dust foot 5th gen:

Most of time I had to raise the Z so I could drop the dust foot to do a bit change :( ..... no more :D.
The black knob is spring loaded and keeps the front half in place until pulled about 1/4", to replace the front you just push it back in until it clicks :cool:.

Dust foot 4th gen here:

Greg J Mon 10 November 2008 05:46

Nice work J.R.,

It's interesting to see the different methods/styles individuals come up with for the dust foot.

Alan_c Fri 12 December 2008 13:55

J.R. any chance of posting dxf's of that snazzy dust foot?

J.R. Hatcher Fri 12 December 2008 18:34

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Alan this is it. I hope it works as good for you as it does for me. If you need any more pictures let me know.

Alan_c Sat 27 June 2009 16:25


What material did you use to make the skirt around the outside and how well does it perform now that you have been using it for over 6 months, are you able to compare it to a brush type of skirt?

How did you spring load the black knob to lock the front piece in?

hennie Sat 27 June 2009 23:25

J.R. that came just at the right time thanks:D

J.R. Hatcher Sun 28 June 2009 06:46

Alan & Hennie, The material is used for the inner door of a walk in cooler. It's the strips you walk through and it works great for the dust foot. Alan I've never used brush material so I can't compare. A few months ago I needed to see the bit as it was cutting, so I removed the front of the dust foot ..... it has not been back on since. It sucks much better without it. With it in place the air is pulled from all the way around the foot, 60% or more of that air is not pulling dust from the bit. With the front removed almost all of the air enters there and passes the bit, making it much more efficient. The next generation will get the sides extended a little and will not have a front. So you don't need the little black knob. :D

Alan_c Sun 28 June 2009 07:31

Interesting, thanks - back to the drawing board(screen) ;)

Gerald D Sun 28 June 2009 09:54

Originally Posted by J.R. Hatcher View Post
. . . . The material is used for the inner door of a walk in cooler. It's the strips you walk through . . . .
That is typically called "flexible PVC" out here. Cape Plastics sells us a lot of 5mm thick sheet, I don't know if they have thinner.

J.R. Hatcher Sun 28 June 2009 10:55

I'm not in the shop, so my guess would be 2mm to 3mm and it's clear.

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