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tinyfeet Tue 14 November 2017 19:30

In over my head
So I started this build years ago with a partner that had convinced me he knew what he was doing. He has bailed and I had a half built pile of steel in my garage. A friend and I have spent the last 6 months putting together the rest of the machine. I believe we have all the mechanical components right... but we are struggling with the half done wiring. We have been looking at the wiring (the last thing the guy did before he left) of a year and a half ago and trying to make heads or tails of it and we just don't have enough experience. So here is what I know (please keep in mind I am an amateur 3 d designer that backed this project because I wanted to make furniture)

I have Motion King Motors 34H2A9850 with 5.0 A and 1.8 degree steps
hooked to
2L860 drivers from link motor
I have power supplies hooked up
I have the drivers already wired into a PMDX 126 board

this board is attached to a computer that we have installed lunixcnc on.

When we go to start configuring lunixcnc asks what pins everything is attached to, and for the life of me I can not figure out what pins correspond with the PMDX 126 board.
I keep returning to the manual but honestly it don't understand it.
Can somebody point me toward the dummies guide to the PMDX 126?

I am unsure if any of the wiring is correct, I think he was able to get motors to move before he bailed, but I know he was frustrated because they were not moving the way he had wanted.

I have started looking thru the forum for clues as to how it should be wired so I can double check things, but I am making very slow progress. If anybody can point me towards the info, I would be very grateful.

I am very new to lunixcnc and started watching tutorials on how to work with the program, if someone has good recommendations on where to start learning I am all ears, or eyes rather, or both really.

So that's kinda where I am at. In way over my head, trying to learn as I go.

lonestaral Wed 15 November 2017 05:05

Welcome to the club.
BOB information.

Linux information.

Happy reading.:)
Happy swimming.

bradm Wed 15 November 2017 13:10

In particular, in that PMDX manual, pay attention to pages 29 into 30; The normal step and direction assignments on a parallel port are 2,3 for X; 4,5 for Y; 6,7 for Z; 8,9 for A. That corresponds with J4, J3, J2, and J1 on the PMDX. Generally the second X driver is either doubled up with the first one, or is on 8,9 ( "A Axis" ), and then is configured in software to get the same signals as 2,3.

You can likely ignore J5.

Limit switches should likely be wired to J12 ( page 32 )

Feel free to post pictures and ask questions :)

IamDave Sat 03 March 2018 08:09

PMDX/Mach 3 settings direction and step assignments.
Well if I had only seen this last time I was reading.

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