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YRD Mon 10 November 2008 17:36

Z-Slide - width allowance for V-Cap rails on edges of slide plate
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What is the solution for this:

1 - Decrease the 100 mm of the plate
2 - Increase the 132 mm between the bearings ?

here post

smreish Mon 10 November 2008 18:15

Nils and I ran into the same problem. YOu need to reduce the width of the z plate to 3.5" if you using the rail. OTherwise, as you see in the picture, your to wide and the bearings will interfere with the Y car. You can not increase the width of the bearing spacing...this will interfere with a lot of things..mostly the y car.
Sorry, we noticed this a few weeks ago, but I think Nils posted it in his build thread.

YRD Mon 10 November 2008 18:23

Thank you Sean,

I looked at the topic of Nills but I did not find. :o

I thought even if this was the only solution, 89mm ~ 90mm correct ?

Gerald D Mon 10 November 2008 19:58

Suggest you cut 9mm off the plate, then get it all nice and parallel, mount the rails, and then measure for the bearing space again.

sailfl Tue 11 November 2008 01:16


For me it was easier to go buy another plate. In fact, when I purchased a new plate, I discovered that they sold me the wrong materials the first time. Once I got the right plate, things worked out nicely.

I think I did mention it on my thread but it is hard to find things some times.

YRD Tue 11 November 2008 11:20

Thanks Sean, Gerald and Nils.

In my opinion the best place to get the 9mm is at the top of 10 40 330 (where there is 35mm to the center of the hole)

Or 4.5 mm on both sides?

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