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IMMark Wed 17 September 2014 12:10

Arduino Raspberry Pi or C++
Does anyone by chance work with the Arduino, Raspberry Pi or C++ language?
I have what should be a very simple programming issue, that I can't quite figure out :o

jhiggins7 Thu 18 September 2014 06:39

I've worked with both systems some. You can PM me, if you want, with your issue.

IMMark Thu 18 September 2014 08:28

Thanks John!
I will write it up and shoot you a PM.

IMMark Wed 15 October 2014 13:33

Public Thanks!
As I am sure you all know, great bunch of guys here. I just wanted to give a public shout out to one of them. John (jhiggins7), offered to help me with a project that I was working on and having problems. John time and help was greatly appreciated!
Thanks again John.

servant74 Thu 16 October 2014 08:31

Just curious...
Just curious, were you driving your MM with a Pi?

IMMark Thu 16 October 2014 15:32

Hi Jack
I ended up going with the Arduino, but no...not to run the MM.
The project was for some interactive props. for a stage show.
I did use the MM to make the cases.

Duds Thu 16 October 2014 19:11

I like the Arduino better. Though I'm not getting into the Pi/Arduino debate they're different tools for different jobs. The reason I like the arduino is its immediate, give it juice and it runs its program, no booting, no OS. I have been arguing to use it for an industrial controller but my customer won't touch due to risk. It doesn't come in a yellow box! �� I argue safety is a design issue not a certificate issue.

IMMark Fri 17 October 2014 06:46

Yes, both are amazing little packages (and like you said, 2 different tools for different jobs). I ended up getting Uno clones for $9.99. Lot of options for those that enjoy experimenting.

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