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delco Sun 19 March 2017 19:24

Mechmate Build Parts for sale
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Due to having to many projects and none of them getting any closer to completion I have decided to have a clean out.
All the parts listed below are new and where collected in anticipation of starting my build.
Make me a reasonable offer and they are all yours.

1 X Mechmate laser cut parts
4 x Gecko G203V
1 X PMDX-126 breakout board
4 x Vexta stepper PK296A-SG7.2
1 X Power supply components
14 x V Groove bearings
6 x Bearing eccentrics

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MetalHead Sun 19 March 2017 21:21

Good start on a build for somebody.

metpolbob Sat 04 August 2018 07:47

Are these items still for sale and how much are you looking for? Tue 06 November 2018 09:55

Thats an awesome lot

Panovak Sun 03 February 2019 12:11

Are these items still for sale?

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