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mika28au Mon 03 March 2008 07:33

free dxf files
Hello people I'm a keen drawer of cad type files at least 2D for now, I use a cnc router/edger , waterjet and a Bottero glass cutting table at work and all are capable of producing some pretty cool stuff. some of the cooler files I've drawn I put on my web page for people to download and they're DXF files,so if anyone here might have use for them feel free to visit my page and download them =
Cheers Mika.

mikie Thu 24 September 2009 20:20

Some of your links are incorrect - especially Page2

fanefane Sun 13 December 2009 13:41

free dxf files

mika28au Mon 14 December 2009 16:17

Originally Posted by mikie View Post
Some of your links are incorrect - especially Page2
Thanks mate I've got a bad habit of rushing things sometimes and not double checking, they should work now..

foinikas Sat 19 December 2009 01:56

Check this also

lonestaral Tue 17 September 2013 20:30

Try this link.

lonestaral Thu 08 September 2016 04:30

I came across this today.

DXF and 3D files.

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