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saas Sat 09 February 2013 01:18

problem assembly rails roller future problems ...

I agree that the forum has all explained ...

but good advice is never excess


Regnar Sat 09 February 2013 21:45

Looks like you need to regrind your rails and this time drill the holes in the right location. All the other work arounds would take longer than regrinding and drilling.

Surfcnc Sat 09 February 2013 22:00


You should establish what is wrong.
1. is the table too narrow
2. or is the gantry too wide
3. or are the rails attached incorrectly.

Either way the motor swing plates will need to be in the correct place or the pinion will not engage correctly with the module 1 drive rack that is stuck to the underside of the gantry rails.
What ever fix you use, you will need to consider its impact upon the next step past just fitting the roller into the rail.


Gerald D Sat 09 February 2013 23:49

Picture 1: Carefully cut end off gantry, shorten tubes, reweld the end
Picture 2: Leave it like that

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