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Alan_c Thu 23 June 2011 10:19

Privacy screens for Casino Restuarant
4 Attachment(s)
Another job I just got installed today at the local Casino. The restuarant has a low wall around one portion of its seating area and the management was understandably not happy that visitors to the casino used the wall as impromptu seating while waiting or resting from throwing their money away. The engineering department asked me to come up with a neat stylish solution using a pattern from an existing wall decoration at the restuarant.

There are ten plywood panels in total secured by steel posts bolted to the top of the wall, these steel posts are covered by hollow plywood columns which are secured to the steel inside. Sanding on this job was a nightmare with all those little holes but the end result looks very good - client is extremely happy so that makes me happy :)

Attachment 11937
View down the left side, two sections of panels on this side.

Attachment 11938
View down the right side with young Kevin installing the last few cap screws to secure the wooden columns to the steel posts.

Attachment 11939
Detail of a single panel with the original laser cut steel panel in the background, the pattern was copied from this for the ply panels.

Attachment 11940
Detail of the steel support post with a ply column on the left.

KenC Thu 23 June 2011 10:52

Very impressive job! Bravo!

Kobus_Joubert Thu 23 June 2011 11:37

Very very nice. Well done

I better come and check it out next week when I am in CPT

timberlinemd Thu 23 June 2011 12:09

Were you able to remove all of the red chalk on the stone left by the chalk line?

Leko Thu 23 June 2011 21:44

That looks great! Nice solution for internal structure, and for minimizing exposed fasteners. Looks like that Hilti got a workout!

hennie Fri 24 June 2011 07:52

Looking good Alan,if Kobus visit teach him how to use a broom.:D

Kobus_Joubert Fri 24 June 2011 07:58

Passop vir jou ...jy sal kom skoonmaak hier

Alan_c Fri 24 June 2011 10:36

Thanks guys, Steve - what looks like stone is actually cast concrete with a plaster finish so the chalk line wiped off easily with a wet rag. Leko - the Hilti didnt even break a sweat, great machine.

Hennie, you've seen my workshop. I dont even own a broom :D

smreish Fri 24 June 2011 12:21

Question - did you have another sleeve or dimensional cap on the inside of the wood vanity column to keep it centered or did the panel do that for you?

Like Matthew (Leko) mentioned - just the elegant solutions we look for with our interior installs daily.

Nice work.


Alan_c Fri 24 June 2011 14:50

The panels are held captive by two rods welded to the face(s) of the rectangular tubing, that locates them front to back. The slot in the wooden column passes over the panel and is held in place left to right by the top and bottom cap of the panels (you can see the end of the bottom cap and foot in the last photo) The slot and top and bottom caps ensure that the wooden column can't move in any direction.

MariusL Sun 27 November 2011 06:11

What did you use to finish the job with? (Stain / varnish)

Alan_c Sun 27 November 2011 06:18

Penetrating stain (Chemspec - Mahogany) wiped on, then two coats of Catasatin AC Lacquer (tinted with a bit of the stain to cover any sand throughs) also from Chemspec.

MariusL Sun 27 November 2011 06:34

Thanks Alan, by the way, those screens look very classy.

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