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jkasquires Mon 15 September 2008 00:09

Quick question on MM's capabilities...
I've been lurking around for the past few weeks between here and cnczone and am wondering if someone could comment on a few things for me.

1. I am interested in using the MM for my cabinetry and desk designs. I know that it should be no problem with MM but just wanted to make sure it would handle that.

2. I would also like to machine water cooling blocks for PC's using copper plate and Delrin or Acrylic tops. The blocks can get rather intricate with the pins so I was wondering if this machine has the necessary accuracy and repeatability.

I understand that question 2 might come down to build quality, I am perfectly okay with that. I just want to know that I can do my larger projects and my smaller more detailed projects on the same machine.

Thanks again for any help! Love the sight!

J.R. Hatcher Mon 15 September 2008 05:15

These were cut using a 4' X 8' MechMate. The tolerance between file and cut part in the alu, was about .003". Hope this helps

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