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IamDave Fri 21 April 2017 08:52

Working on Rack and Motors - Ball Ground, GA
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I started this in the intro thread and moved it here to ask questions. Its just a little different than the MM design as far as the table goes. I am going to build a bigger table later for it. I need to be able to move this one when needed.
So my goal is to get one working and move it to a full size later.

IamDave Fri 21 April 2017 08:54

My first question. Is 1/4' x 4" x 18" gauge plate the best size for the z axis? I see longer one mentioned on here, and some of the drawings show different size lengths for different options.

MetalHead Sat 22 April 2017 04:21

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It really depends on what your doing. If your going to do typical stuff on the machine the 18 inch is fine. I just built this one for a member and it has the 18 inch plate.

IamDave Sat 22 April 2017 07:28

Thank you. That looks great. I just wanted to make sure I was utilizing the entire 8 inches.
(**FYI. All the bent parts I bought from you fit perfectly.)

IamDave Sun 23 April 2017 21:18

I ordered this. Made in USA - 18 x 4 x 1/4 Inch, AISI Type O1, Tool Steel Oil Hardening Flat Stock from

MetalHead Mon 24 April 2017 05:44

I have this assembly now available as a part ZS01 for $625.00 delivered if anyone is in need of the part. V rails are milled and not ground. I have built jigs to allow complete milling of this 18 inch and 20 inch plate.

IamDave Wed 26 April 2017 16:09

Z Axis Slide Plate
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First piece ordered arrived.
Now on to figure out the slider plate.

I think it is 1" x 3" x 1/4" x 28" long and then cut back to 26 (+/-) inches after fitting spring. Is that correct?

IamDave Thu 27 April 2017 13:57

What is the best way to mill or ground the Z axis
I am a little confused on the Z axis slide plate grinding. Is it best to take it to a machine shop and have it milled?

IamDave Thu 27 April 2017 16:14

Belay My Last. Figured it out...To simple.. Returning to course.

IamDave Fri 28 April 2017 11:48

Z slide Tube
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Took all morning looking through scrap but I found it. A 4ft piece of 1x3 for the slider tube backer. :) Still not exactly sure the correct length.

IamDave Fri 28 April 2017 20:15

No worries got it all sorted.

IamDave Sun 30 April 2017 18:22

Okay had a good weekend of it. Got to go to Amarillo tomorrow.
Start again when I get back.

IamDave Thu 18 May 2017 17:52

Okay Motors and Racks In
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I haven't quit just got motors and racks in.
Gonna try and get them mounted over the next week.

IamDave Sun 28 May 2017 15:58

What is the best size for the rack? I ordered and have 3 and they are 1/2'' x 1/2'' square. 20tand pitch.
I am just a little lost on the size. I have been reading. I am just missing the size. I thought I had it sorted but something looks off.
Anyone Please..

lonestaral Mon 29 May 2017 01:42

My rack is 15mm square.

IamDave Mon 29 May 2017 07:32

Thank you. That is a relief for me knowing I have the correct ones.

IamDave Wed 20 September 2017 05:34

Racks motors taped and mounted
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Racks and motors mounted. Z plate bearing welded on.
Plate drilled then (What?) Wrong size backer. What was I thinking.
Ok. I posted a picture with the size. So no one else caught it either.
Found a control box to start working on for cheap. It is just a few inches larger than my other routers control box but should still be ok.

IamDave Wed 20 September 2017 05:36

More pictures
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Not sure what I did wanted to add the rest of the pictures before I forget.

IamDave Wed 20 September 2017 17:01

Correct size backer 2x1x2x30
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Found a piece cut it long 30 inches so I can cut it back after I get the shock in later. Holes all drilled and started tapping. Of course the end of the day hurry monster, went and broke my tap on the 8th one.

IamDave Thu 21 September 2017 10:50

plate and backer bolted up.
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Got the slide plate and slide tube all bolted up. About all I can do for now.
Got to go out of town for a week or so. Hopefully when I return Mr. "Mo Money" will be here so we can get the control system ordered. That guy just seems to always be in another town when I need him.

IamDave Fri 03 November 2017 18:28

Si it took a little while to get back. Ordered the Power supply PS-6N52 today from ANTEK.
$133 with shipping and tax. It is also the same exact power supply my other router uses.
Got to see the lighter ShopBot version of this machine working. It was a 1996 model.
Pretty much the exact same Design, operators and motors with beefed up steel. They cut 80 1.25 inch thick 12x12 brackets for me in no time flat. I was impressed. Can't wait to get mine up and running now.

IamDave Mon 06 November 2017 07:08

This forum should be called. The light is on but no one is home.

lonestaral Mon 06 November 2017 17:27

Keep working away.
Good to see pictures of a build in progress.
When it is working it is a thrill.

MetalHead Tue 07 November 2017 04:41

I agree, keep posting your progress. Looks like your moving forward. So your going direct drive, no belt reduction to start?

IamDave Tue 07 November 2017 06:10

Thanks. No, not going to use belt reduction at first. I want to see how, the 960oz motors perform together first. My other router uses only one, I have had no problems with it in 10 years, or racking problems.

IamDave Wed 08 November 2017 18:52

Power Supply PSN-652
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Power supply arrived today. Checked fit in the box size (12 x 16 x 12).
Perfect fit leaves 1/2 inch all around for airflow.

lonestaral Thu 09 November 2017 00:44

960oz motors.
You will be able to move elephants around with them.

My machine is direct drive and I have no problems.

IamDave Sat 18 November 2017 18:47

My mistake not 960 oz....
These are the motors I am using. NEMA34 Stepper Motor – 906 oz in 6.1A Single Shaft (KL34H295-43-8A).

lonestaral Sun 19 November 2017 03:32

Only 7% out, still shift an Elephant.:)

IamDave Mon 27 November 2017 11:26

Gecko has the drivers on sale today. November 27, 2017 for $115 each. $40 dollar savings each. Here is the product url.

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