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Regnar Sun 31 January 2010 18:51

Doing Some Inlay Work! #69 - Holiday FL USA
Hey everyone. I have been a member for awhile but now I am ready to build my own beast. A few months back Nils (sailfl) invited me over to his home to check out his machine and I was hooked. I came home that day and started shopping online and started planning everything out.

This build will take me a while just because of work. I am in the Coast Guard and get deployed every month for 2 weeks at time. My plan is to get the kitchen table project done and take 30 days of leave to build the table and finish everything up.

I am not new to the CNC world but this will be my first professional machine. I have a great grasp on the mechanical side but I am slowly starting to get the electrical.

I already have the laser parts kit (From Leo) steppers, geckos, powersupply (from Keling) and the BOB (from PMDX). Looking to order the rest of the Control box components here in the next few days. Nils has helping me out big time in this area.

One thing that I have been having a hard time sourcing is the shielded cable. Most of the ebay links are dead in the forums and best price I have seen so far is 2.00 a foot so if you guys have a good source I would like to know.

Thanks Gerald for posting the plans and for hosting a great forum.


swatkins Sun 31 January 2010 19:22

HI Russell!

Looks like your off to great start :)

lumberjack_jeff Sun 31 January 2010 19:45

You've chosen a great mentor in Nils. :)

sailfl Mon 01 February 2010 05:25

Jeff, Thanks for the compliment.

Russell is going to do an excellent job despite my help.

KenC Mon 01 February 2010 05:40


What took you so long? :)

I started buying within a few days after I came here:D
Great to see another season member got started.

Have fun

Regnar Mon 01 February 2010 06:09

What took you so long?
My wife and I have a simple rule for the house. For every dollar we spend on toys we have to put a dollar into savings. Its not to bad when you are only spending a few hundred but when you drop a couple thousand it starts to take a little bit longer. We put this into place so we wouldnt be broke. I have a addiction to tools and my wife has it for purses namely Coach purses.

riesvantwisk Mon 01 February 2010 06:54


welcome to the forum! After I got pretty red in my bank account one day (sold a house with a loss) I started to make the same rule. I will not buy anything if I don't really need it, and I MUST have the money for it to do it, and still have plenty left over in case of emergencies.
I think it's a very good rule and good money management you have going on there, and it's good that you both support that.

Now it's time to start building!


sailfl Mon 01 February 2010 06:59


This is not the place for discussion but that is a very smart idea. It is a better idea because both your wife and you follow it.

Lets not make Russell build a financial page of ideas.

blakekoehn Mon 01 February 2010 07:37

Welcome Russell! I bought my shielded cable from a local home security and radio communication company.

Claudiu Mon 01 February 2010 08:46

Welcome Russel, wish you lots of fun with your build. Ahoi.

Regnar Mon 01 February 2010 10:30

Well I was out today and came across some Gorilla Glue on clearance. I am going to glue up 2 pieces of scrap steel and see how well it will hold and the expansion rate. I just want to see if it might be possible to substitute the 3m tape and maybe hold on a few other things. I will let you know how it goes.

SumBum Tue 02 February 2010 07:54

Originally Posted by Regnar View Post
Well I was out today and came across some Gorilla Glue on clearance. I am going to glue up 2 pieces of scrap steel and see how well it will hold and the expansion rate. I just want to see if it might be possible to substitute the 3m tape and maybe hold on a few other things. I will let you know how it goes.
Hi Russell, Welcome

I read about others using Gorilla glue in place of the 3m tape.

Regnar Tue 02 February 2010 14:05

Bum I read the same article I just wanted to give it a try on scrap first. After 2 hours I played around with it and it felt like it was nice and solid. I will break out the camera and a hammer later today but first I have to go and run my dogs around the block a few times.

Regnar Tue 02 February 2010 17:49

2 Attachment(s)
Well guys Gorilla Glue was an epic fail for me. I know others have made it work but I didnt even get to brake out the camera before it fell off. I tried and area of 2" x 4" with enough glue and plenty of squeeze out. You can see by the picture it didnt end well.

On another note I decided to at least get a positive note out of today so I made these on the lathe.

bradm Tue 02 February 2010 17:52

Russell, how did you prepare the surface of the steel before trying the gorilla glue?

Nice looking bushings :)

Regnar Tue 02 February 2010 19:13

Brad, I used a 3M Green Pad and cleaned it up with Isopropyl Alcohol. The glue was sticking to each piece but it seemed to separate from its self. Almost like the glue had shattered.

bradm Tue 02 February 2010 19:23

Thanks, Russell, that's useful information. Was it easy to break apart? I'm wondering if in the case of attaching the rack, where the forces should be primarily along the long axis of the rack, the strength will be sufficient. Another way of stating this is, test only the breaking strength with force along the glue joint (as if sliding your palms across each other) , and not across it (as if pulling your palms apart).

If it's strong along, and not across, it's kind of perfect for this application, no? Operation of the machine won't break it free, but it can still be removed by applying force in another direction.

Regnar Tue 02 February 2010 19:51

Once the clamps where off I tried across the glue joint (sliding palms together) and it held in place. Then I tried across (pulling palms apart) it broke apart with 2 fingers. I would have to say with the machines vibrations, gravity and smaller surface area that gorilla glue is not a good choice. But again others have made it work here so....... I will be using double sided stick tape. I think even the cheap stuff would have put up a better fight but again this is IMO.

I will reset the test tomorrow and take a video. This will help out everyone in making the decision.

domino11 Tue 02 February 2010 21:10

Russell how about trying some PL Premium construction adhesive. Pretty good stuff.

Regnar Fri 05 February 2010 12:51

Had a good day today with Nils. He took me back to the Toy store and I bought 350' of 18/4, 75' of 14/3 and 18/7 for around 150 bucks. Not bad if you ask me.

Also got to take a look at Nils new toy that him and Leo are making. I let them tell you more about it but is nicely made.

!!Warning!! If you go and visit Nils watch for his neighbors mailbox. !!Warning!!

No serious damage done but will need a new tail light.

sailfl Fri 05 February 2010 14:28


Good finds at Skycraft. Bad mailbox!!

smreish Fri 05 February 2010 19:14

I have a dent in my tailgate from that mailbox......ugh....bad mailbox!

fredjr Fri 05 February 2010 20:02

When I visited Nils in June he warned me about that mail box as I left.:D

Gerald D Fri 05 February 2010 21:01

We need a pic of the mailbox :)

KenC Fri 05 February 2010 21:03

Russel, try sanding the mating faces lightly with A80 sand paper, clean with alcohol or any solvent before applying the glue. All adhesive need something to "bite" on, if the surface is too smooth & shiny it would be like trying to glue on wax paper. or use sharp/pointy stuff to scratch the mating surface works too.

Kobus_Joubert Fri 05 February 2010 22:01

I would guess Nils and Leo is producing a super looking 4th axis..;)

domino11 Sat 06 February 2010 19:21

Yeah sounds interesting, how bout some details Nils?

I will second the pic request of the mailbox. :)

Regnar Sun 07 February 2010 18:30

Ken, This time I went at it with some 60 grit and a dotco. I will let you know how it turned out when I get home from work tomorrow. I roughed up the surface pretty good and have let the glue sit for 3 days now.

Regnar Thu 04 March 2010 10:33

Wow it seems like it has been forever since I have worked on the MM project. Well atleast 3 weeks. I did get home to a lot of boxes. My order from Factory Mation arrived in 3 boxes. I also got bearing and the pulley for the belt drives. Hopefully this will be a busy weekend. I do have to order even more from Factory because I didnt realize the push buttons didnt come with switches. My fault because I didnt read it carefully enough. They have been great to work with so far. They had a few missing iteams and upgraded me for free and emailed me that day ( I rarely have good luck with online purchases)

I will try and get you guys some pictures and a video of the glue up that has now been sitting for a month in clamps:D

Regnar Thu 04 March 2010 18:22

3 Attachment(s)
Here are some pictures. I kinda wish now that I went with a larger control box. The space you thought you where going to have disappears fast!

Here is my bench/kitchen table project and also some of the parts that I have ready to be placed.

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