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Manjeet Singh Mon 19 March 2007 08:15

My Mechmate coming up - India
Hi Gerald,

Some time back I said that I will start Building Mechmate as I got my right wrist broken in an accident it was postponed. Now I am well and started it. I had collected all the material.

My Mechmate will be of 2500mm X 1300 mm

I have cut all the raw material for the Base Table according to above size. Instead of 50mm Pipe I will be using 3" X 1.1/5" Channel. I hope within a day or two the Base Table will be completed.

I will post my day to day progress with pics.


Gerald_D Mon 19 March 2007 09:44

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Good to hear that you are cutting steel!

Irfanulla Mon 19 March 2007 19:53


Congrats on starting out on your Mechmate, looking forward for your Mechmate's pictures to guide many towards their build like that of Fabrica.

Hope you recover soon from your injury.


Manjeet Singh Sat 24 March 2007 11:15

Here is Raw Material for Base Table cut and painted with Red Oxide ready for fabrication.

Kim Mortensen Sat 24 March 2007 19:13

Looking good Manjeet.....

Manjeet Singh Sat 24 March 2007 21:44

Thanks Kim, Today I will start Drilling MDF Board and start assembling.

Manjeet Singh Wed 04 April 2007 21:17

Hi All,

Here is the Assembled MDF Board. I made a drill jig to make holes in the MDF Board and Channels. This was quite easier than using MDF Board as jig to drill holes in Channels.Because Holes in the channels were drilled on Drilling Machine rather than Electric Hand Drill.

Greg J Wed 04 April 2007 21:24

You Posted,
"I made a drill jig to make holes in the MDF Board and Channels."

Would you mind giving details on the jig you made? I am getting close to this process and would benifit from your experience.

Thank You,

Manjeet Singh Thu 05 April 2007 04:46

Hi Greg,

It is very simple Jig made from 1.1/2" angle Iron cut exactly equal to the width of the MDF Board and then drilled with 5/16" drill according to drawing.I will post the picture of the drill jig.

Drilling channels and MDF board took only 1.1/2 hrs to comlete the job.


Gerald_D Thu 05 April 2007 05:01

Manjeet, it was never intended for the mdf to be used as a drill jig. My intention was only that the MDF be screwed to the cross-bearers before (and during) welding because it holds everything in the right place and squares the whole table.
MDF = drill jig? NO
MDF = weld jig? YES

Greg J Thu 05 April 2007 05:43

Thanks Manjeet and Gerald,
I have not studied those drawings in detail yet, but my "initial" impression was to use the MDF for a drill jig. That won't happen now. Only as a weld jig.

I should be cutting rails this weekend. Stay tuned. This sure is one fun project.

Manjeet Singh Fri 13 April 2007 12:36

Hi Gerald n Greg J,

May be it was a confusion but I did according to your drawings and my thaught to make it simple and easy to do it.

My next step is to weld the base table and I hope I will post my next progress tomorrow

cheers all....Manjeet

samagya Sat 24 May 2014 08:07

Hi Manjeet,

Can you please give me BOM and wesite links to procure them?

All the best for your project.



domino11 Sat 24 May 2014 22:49

You might want to look at the dates on this thread. Its 7 years old.

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