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PEU Thu 02 June 2011 15:17

Originally Posted by jessyjames View Post
Some more pics again...
How do you call this profile?

I looked for IPN but they are all asimetric and yours looks square.


zumergido Thu 02 June 2011 15:45

hello peu...
the profile is HEA i never see them here. well iam not on the industry but...

PEU Thu 02 June 2011 19:23

es verdad nunca los vi por estos pagos, ni acindar ni otros fabricantes locales tienen este modelo de perfil, lastima, esta bueno para una pata de router. Avanzaste algo?

Gerald D Thu 02 June 2011 19:41

Pablo, that profile is typically used for vertical columns (pillars) in buildings and other structures. They are meant to carry load from end to end. In British parts of the world they are called "universal column".

jessyjames Thu 02 June 2011 20:28

Thanks Gerald for responding before I could get to it.
Gerald is exactly right. They are meant to carry loads both vertically and horizontally.

jasoncarter Thu 02 June 2011 20:34

Originally Posted by PEU View Post
How do you call this profile?

I looked for IPN but they are all asimetric and yours looks square.

It's a wide flange beam. Sometimes called a "W" section. A "W" section has parallel flanges that are a consistant thickness and web that is slightly thinner than the flanges. Gerald is correct that they are often used as columns but they are also used horizontally as well, especially sizes that are taller and narrower. You will often see this section used in bridges and high-rise buildings.

Here is some some size and engineering information on them.

PEU Fri 03 June 2011 06:19


Now I guess why this beam profile is not available in our market, because building foundations here are made of concrete columns not steel, thus there is no need for structural columns of this type

KenC Fri 03 June 2011 06:54

you can still use U-beam, just get some wedge washer. I remember this is discussed in detail somewhere in this forum.

jessyjames Fri 03 June 2011 07:43

Clogging up my thread boys.... Maybe start another thread about steel extrusions?

No worries :)

jessyjames Wed 15 June 2011 18:33

Originally Posted by Regnar View Post
James if you are ever in the Tampa Fl area I would be happy to show you the machine.
Russell thank you for the invite. I might someday take you up on that offer.

Im closing up on a house with a three car garage on Monday so the building has stopped for now. Once I figure out how to have the right kinda storage for the garage I will continue once the "Honey Do's" are completed.

Thanks once again:)

jessyjames Sat 30 January 2016 07:06

1 Attachment(s)
I made some edge lit signs for a client. Thought some of you might like to see it. I will include a link to my YouTube channel where the video is.

If you like it, please "Subscribe" to my channel so you can be notified of when I post other videos. I'm going to try and ramp up my video production of the projects I do.

jhiggins7 Sat 30 January 2016 17:58

Nice work, James. I enjoyed the video. I like seeing the project from start to finish. Your use of time-lapsed video let me see all the steps without having to sit through mind-numbing "real-time" cutting videos. Keep 'em coming.:)

jessyjames Sat 30 January 2016 18:49

John thank you for the nice comment. It's comments like this that make me want to continue doing the videos. After making some of my earlier videos and watching them at a later time, my attention span was being tested. Hence the time lapse videos.

Needless to say, I will keep up with the videos. :)

cleyte Sun 31 January 2016 05:55

Great work James ... I will have to make one but it will have the Montreal Canadiens logo on it!.

BTW, can you provide the source of your LED strip? I have done some searching but with so many choices, I want to be sure I purchase one that works.

jessyjames Sun 31 January 2016 06:59

Sounds good. I can't wait to see it.
PM sent

darren salyer Sun 31 January 2016 07:28

Very cool James.

jessyjames Sun 31 January 2016 07:32

Darren thanks brotherman. Good to hear from you again.
Take care man :)

Tom Ayres Mon 01 February 2016 03:00

Love 'em:)

jessyjames Mon 01 February 2016 05:08

Thanks Tom :)

jessyjames Tue 29 March 2016 12:26

1 Attachment(s)
Hey guys, I just posted another YouTube video on my channel. I made a storefront sign for the same client. I thought I would share this with you guys, hoping that it gave some of you ideas on making your own. It's not too complicated to make and I'm not claiming to be a professional. I'm like all of you just trying to generate business and learn a few things.

Here's a link to the video that I made.

hflwaterski Tue 29 March 2016 14:53

Excellent video James! It's great to see different techniques. I would love to see the finished product if you can grab a photo of it.

jessyjames Tue 29 March 2016 14:58

Thanks for the comment :)
I will post it when he gets to it. It's tough not getting to finish the project and letting someone else do it. I just couldn't wait anymore for him to do something with it.

Thanks again!

digit Tue 29 March 2016 17:51

Toronto Blue Jays is the Baseball team. The hockey team is called Maple Leaf. :confused:

jessyjames Tue 29 March 2016 18:15

What the customer wants... Is what the customer gets I always say. :)

Regnar Tue 29 March 2016 19:07

Are you using a GoPro for filming? My wife just gave me one for my birthday and looking forward to making some videos of my projects.

jessyjames Tue 29 March 2016 19:46

Well look who it is 🙂 No I use a Sony A6000 with a Carl Zeiss lens.

Lighting is key but I have t fixed mine at the making of these videos. Now I have with a bunch of T8 fixtures 5600K believe.

The Canon G7X is what a lot of people use.

Mine is overkill and not practical. You need to be able to see yourself. Mine you can't. I use a hdmi cable to tv to see what's going on and if I'm in the shot.

If you need anything brother let me know and I will try to help. I'm excited to see you do it too.

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