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melissa Mon 09 January 2012 17:14

Milwaukee 5625 failure: electronic speed control?
I was running two cut files on my MM this afternoon. The first one ran fine, and completed in about 20 minutes. I swapped a new workpiece onto the table, loaded the new gcode, hit start, and... the MM started running, but the router didn't power up :mad:.

I tested various things with the router on the Z slide, including powering it directly from an extension cord, with no success. Resigned to sending it in for warranty repair, I removed it from the MM.

As a last-ditch effort, I tried moving the electronic speed control knob through its FULL range of motion. When I got to the highest setting (7) the router powered on!

Has anyone else encountered this before? Could this be caused by dust or dirt in the knob assembly? Hmm... :confused:

sailfl Tue 10 January 2012 02:02


I have had to replace the electronic speed controller. I suspect this is a weak part. It is sealed so I don't thing it has any thing to do with the dust.

I would suggest that you buy an additional set of brushes and a Tach. These are the parts that I have also replaced. Fortunately these parts are also less expensive.

Are you replacing your collet and nut regularly and are you cleaning them? It makes a difference in the quality of cut and helps the life of these parts.

I have been running the same router since 2008 but I have a back up rounter in case I have a job and can't get the part I need.

Hope that helps.

danilom Tue 10 January 2012 10:26

If its under warranty send it and they will change the speed control. Depending on the construction of speed control the full speed bypasses it and gives full voltage to the motor, so if its faulty then it would behave like yours do.

Kart Tue 26 June 2012 07:49

Had problem also. Repair shop said it was the armature. Fixed for free but we bought another for backup.

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