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MarkRH Sun 30 July 2017 17:44

Singing a Song and Working Along, MD USA
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Hello is anyone building mechmates recently?

I started with the kitchen table project enough to get one motor spinning knowing little to nothing about how to do this, then gathered a couple boxes and went with a motor driver package 640oz , 60v/6amp power supplies and the pmdx 126.
This will be my first attempt at posting pics also. I may have to load some better pics , the wire I am going with is microphone cable, the jacket says its 16awg but its more like 18-19ga and has a nice copper braided shield, only 2 core so I'm running 2 side by side to each motor. Still not finished the wiring but am about as far as I can go without a machine to start putting things on.

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Not having a nice flat steel plate, I made a quick torsion box out of scrap plywood to keep the ycar square and flat.
The y car went together very easy, easier and quicker than the skate I found.
Thanks Mike

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jhiggins7 Mon 31 July 2017 04:59

Welcome, Mark

Looks like you're on your way. Getting a motor spinning is a big milestone. Congratulations! Your pictures are fine.

MarkRH Mon 31 July 2017 17:31

Thanks John, does the mechmate community have a favorite place to buy metric fasteners that you know of?

lonestaral Tue 01 August 2017 02:50

Welcome Mark.
My favorite nut and bolt shop is at the end of my road.
Probably a bit far for you.

MetalHead Tue 01 August 2017 04:26

Also beware that mic wire is probably not CNC rated. You should look at spending a few bucks now and getting CNC rated wire for any wires that will be moving in the cable chases.

The mic wire can't handle the cycles (thousands) and will break internally sooner than later and drive you nuts troubleshooting the problem.

jhiggins7 Tue 01 August 2017 05:12

I prefer to buy by the pound at Tractor Supply or Rural King. Lowes and Home Depot have begun to carry metric sizes as well. I'll use Fastenal for hard to find sizes although they generally have a shipping charge if the item is not carried in the local inventory. Also, I used SAE sizes for several "non-critical" applications like the bolts for my "bolt-together" frame and spoil board attachment. I found Harbor Freight tap and die tools to be completely adequate for most tapping needs. The use of a good tapping fluid made all the difference.

MarkRH Wed 02 August 2017 14:30

Mike, that's good to know I somehow thought .30 cents a ft was too good to be true.
(with 300ft roll of the stuff ill have to take up singing!)
John, I have a local tractor supply had forgot they sold metric and before I saw these posts I ordered some of the ycar bolts from Mcmaster carr along with the gas spring 9416k2
Still cant find the Teflon washers.

jhiggins7 Thu 03 August 2017 05:45

I got the washers at Lowes or Home Depot (don't remember which, it was 9 years ago) in the "specialty" drawers. I may have used nylon.

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