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Andrew_standen Fri 09 June 2017 14:25

B15 Marine Fire Resistant Material
Hi. Has anyone cut any B15 fire resistant material on their machines. Just looking for some help on feeds and speeds


Was going to use a 12mm dia 2 flute compression spiral at 18000rpm 1 hit through 18mm thick at 6000mm per minute. Just concerned that this light weight material will bog the cutter down.

The material arrives from the supplier next week and I have not got any test part to cut yet.

Cheers Andrew

ger21 Sat 10 June 2017 15:16

RPM is way too high for 6m/min, unless you need the speed to make up for a lack of spindle power.
I think the bigger problem you'll have is that the glass fibers will destroy a compression bit rather quickly.

Andrew_standen Sun 11 June 2017 03:31

Yes I'm concerned about the fibre glass. Will try one of those leitz 1/2" PCD compression spirals and see what happens.. the PCD should last.. but as the core is so soft will drop the rpm down and cut a sample .

Fox Fri 16 June 2017 14:24

I heard people using diamond tipped cutters for glass fibre and carbon fibre materials infused materials to get some sort of meters out of a bit. Anything else would burn out quickly, but not first hand experience, just from stories I've heard. And you might at least want to spray some water on top when cutting, airborne glass fibre particles ain't funny for the human body !

ger21 Sat 17 June 2017 09:06

I cut some fiber reinforced plastic laminate yesterday with a diamond compression bit, and got pretty good results, even though the bit was a little dull.
I sacrificed a carbide downcut bit for my roughing passes, to maximize the life of the diamond bit. I left about 0.75mm for the finish pass with the diamond bit.

David Bryant Fri 23 June 2017 05:38

I was cutting fiberglass foam fiberglass / epoxy panels (80kg/m3 foam) with straight carbide router bits. This left the chipped foam and glass in the cut eliminating the need for tabs and lots of hold downs. premarked where hold down screws went. vacuumed after cutting as the swarf made me very itchy.

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