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jeep534 Mon 12 March 2018 09:18

Construction started in WV after 10 years in the making 5' X 9' cut size
I spent most of the day Friday at the laser cutters and came home with a pile of parts. I am starting with the Y-car.

Happy Hunting

And the oddesy begins

JamesJ Mon 12 March 2018 11:30

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to your build.

IamDave Mon 12 March 2018 21:04

Awesome!!! Welcome to the builders experience.

jhiggins7 Tue 13 March 2018 05:46

Okay, Archie. Go for it!

As for "build duration", we don't start the clock until you actually begin construction. You are in the "pre-construction" phase. Of course this Builder's Log stuff is just for fun. Many MechMake builders don't bother getting a Serial Number.

jeep534 Tue 13 March 2018 06:17

aw hell start the clock I bent some parts lol..... I forgot i have to make the pictures smaller to be uploaded

MetalHead Fri 16 March 2018 04:23

Go for it - Glad to see you getting started.

Tom Ayres Sat 17 March 2018 20:05

Archie, I started after several years, then started again after 2 more. You're on par with some (a lot) of us. Welcome, just push through as best you can, read a lot, look at machines already running, ask questions when you're confused or lost or want an opinion. There are quite a few smart guys here that will be happy to impart direction. Share as much with the group as you can (learn how to post pictures). Glad you're with us, again welcome!

jeep534 Sun 18 March 2018 09:23

Thans all of you.

I am doing all the bending myself on a 15 ton verson press brake. The laser engraving did not come out very well. I have figured out the 4 bends on the Y car but not the direction (hand) of the near and far plates.

I have posted pictures in the past but i do not remember how to shrink them so size

jhiggins7 Mon 19 March 2018 06:19

Here's a link to Gerald's post on the subject of how to post photos

IamDave Tue 20 March 2018 18:02

I just crop them square in windows paint and resize them to 155 pixels. Save as jpeg.
PS: I think buying the kit from Mike is a big savings and adds quality overall, since it is the main part of the build.

jeep534 Fri 30 March 2018 10:29

Folded up the Y car last night. tonight countersink the sides for the motor mounts. getting it ready to weld-up
Happy Hunting

IamDave Sat 31 March 2018 08:54

That would be nice to see, how it is done. Just for reference value. I don't think it has been shown on here.

jeep534 Sun 01 April 2018 07:10

maybe at some point i will post a video on how the flywheel press brake works and maybe some of my other fabrication equipment as well. lets just say it is pretty violent and loud (and dangerous) especially the last 90 degree bend (the last bend on the ycar) the hydraulic ones are much different. these ones are not for the faint of heart

Happy Hunting

IamDave Mon 02 April 2018 07:52

I have seen one of those run. You are right, they are loud and scary.

jeep534 Sun 08 April 2018 08:10

I found a bolt at the hardware store and countersunk the holes on the Ycar and set the depth on the drill press to do the ones on the gantry as well i am thinking of using 5/16 fine thread instead of the metric bolts just because it is a us built machine lol

Happy hunting

IamDave Sun 08 April 2018 18:54

Awesome! Keep Moving Forward.

jeep534 Sun 15 April 2018 16:50

I did some fitting (grinding ) on the Y car scrounged up some all thread and nuts and put them in place almopst ready to start welding


jhiggins7 Mon 16 April 2018 05:52

Go Archie! Let's see some photos, please. We never get tired of seeing your progress.

ifffff Tue 17 April 2018 04:52

Yep, one photo is more than tousand words

jeep534 Tue 17 April 2018 05:42

I just saw the photos you just posted. how did you take them and or how did you resize them (make them smaller) I have many photos but all are too big......

thank you

ifffff Tue 17 April 2018 06:24

I did take photos with my phone downloaded to computer and resized with Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Definitelly there are lots of other programs with what is possible to do that.

Here is question for forum owner too. Isnt it time to upgrade software and allow here larger pictures? Sometimes isnt small picture enough for seeing details.

jhiggins7 Wed 18 April 2018 06:42


As recommended by Gerald many years ago, I downloaded IRFANVIEW and used it to resize the photos. I still use IRFANVIEW.

Just put IRFANVIEW in a Search Engine and download it from the host site. No ads. Works on all versions of Windows. There's an IMAGE tab with a RESIZE tab in IRFANVIEW.

I really like the fact that IRFANVIEW allows you to RENAME a photo "in place". So you don't have to do a "SAVE AS" then remember to DELETE the previous copy. I also use IRFANVIEW to annotate photos like adding labels, arrows, etc.. I highly recommend it.

jeep534 Fri 20 April 2018 05:40

John i did that but havent figured out exactly what (size) to make them

thank you for your help

jhiggins7 Fri 20 April 2018 07:16

Pick the 640 x 480 size to start. Then you can experiment with larger sizes. The system will reject your photo if it's too large. Gerald's post from years ago states the maximum size, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

jeep534 Fri 20 April 2018 17:48

i need to get photos off of my phone

i know just another excuse lol


jeep534 Fri 20 April 2018 18:07

1 Attachment(s)

jeep534 Fri 20 April 2018 18:08

it will take some time to get to the others

jeep534 Fri 20 April 2018 18:59

1 Attachment(s)
not sure how this will work

IamDave Sun 22 April 2018 09:34

Worked okay is that your metal break?

jeep534 Sun 22 April 2018 10:14

dave yes that is my machine. 15 ton 4' Verson. The crop job on the photo did not turn out like i wanted so i guess i need to find a infranview 101 tutorial lol

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