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Marinus Fri 02 October 2009 04:56

New Things - Pretoria, South Africa
Hi to all, I am Marinus

Little about Myself, I am an electronic engineer, did work in construction and recently worked in a wooden door manufacturing companny.

I like desgning new things and taking on challanges that customers provide,
I saw the need for a cnc with clients coming up with special demands.

After some time in the woodwork factory, with little special tools and a struggle to do the special demands, I urged the owner to let me help him build a cnc, he did not listen al all. So now I will build it and use it.

This is my story and I look forward in this project.:cool:

jhiggins7 Fri 02 October 2009 08:13


Welcome to the Forum. Happy building!

Besser Fri 02 October 2009 10:13

Welcome aboard, I think your story will soon include a MechMate. May your posts be plentiful and full of pictures

hennie Fri 02 October 2009 10:35


domino11 Fri 02 October 2009 13:02

Welcome Marinus!
Do you by chance have a beard, a motorbike and/or a pool? :)

kooskoek Fri 02 October 2009 14:27

Welcome and good luck

michel colonade Sun 04 October 2009 15:38

good luck from jerusalem, i am new too, and i found here a very good help, nice people

iclazion Mon 21 December 2009 12:03

Hi there.

I can’t seem to stay away from mechmate. I have been searching the net over and over for information on building a CNC router, however I always seem to end up on this forum. I have read loads of articles, saved all the images for ideas, pondered , cost, size, power, gear ratio, controller box and much more. So without any further ado, I feel I have to ask the people who have or who are well on their way for advice, because I am struggling with a few issues that most of you have heard before.

The size that I have settled on will be 3m x 1,7m. (This is where I will be starting) building the table out of iron/metal.
A few questions on my mind though:
- What would I need to adjust or to modify to be able to cut/router aluminium on the mechmate? Does motor size, torque play a role? And what would you recommend? My idea is to be able to cut 2” thick High Density Polyurethane but if I am able to cut aluminium than I will sleep better at night, precision also plays a big role on why I will be building the Mechmate.

Having a few people give me advice would be much appreciated, I have no background to any CNC machine. But I access to a laser cutter :)


PS: If there is any one in South Africa who successfully build a mechmate please feel free to comment or help.

Kobus_Joubert Mon 21 December 2009 12:08

Welcome, but read, read and read all on this forum, there are a few South African MechMates operating.

hennie Mon 21 December 2009 21:45

I think you should be able to cut alu ask Marius around the corner from you.

iclazion Tue 22 December 2009 01:44

Do you know how I can get in contact with Marius. Would love to pop in and have a look at his Mechmate, and ask a few questions if he wont mind?

hennie Tue 22 December 2009 01:50

Send him a pm and ask his details

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